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Conventional Pads

Type 41 - White Polishing
This popular, extra-fine polishing pad is formulated for use on clean, dry floors. A fine water mist can be used to produce a high-gloss wet look. Best used on 350-800 RPM machines, these thick pads are also ideal for polishing soft waves on wood floors.

Type 34 - Tan Buffer
The perfect pad for light cleaning and dry buffing. Removes scuffs and black heel marks while producing a high gloss shine. Use with 350-800 RPM machines.

Type 51- Red Buffing
These pads restore glossy finishes while removing the scuff marks and dirt associated with medium traffic areas. Ideal for automatic scrubbing or use with 350-800 RPM machines, these pads can be used for both dry or spray buffing to produce a sparkling shine.

Type 53 - Blue Cleaner
Designed for wet scrubbing and medium-duty spray cleaning, these pads will remove heavy dirt and scuff marks from most floor surfaces. Capable of removing the top layer of a floor's finish, these pads are best used with 175-350 RPM machines.

Type 55 - Green Scrubber
Designed for cleaning heavily soiled areas, these are our heaviest-duty, most aggressive scrubbing pads. Best used with 175-300 RPM machines, these pads are intended for wet scrubbing or light stripping.