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Floor & Wall Brushes

Deck / Floor Brush
Constructed from sturdy natural fibers, our Deck & Floor Brush is intended for use on rough surfaces or for jobs requiring heavy scrubbing. These brushes are available in a smooth, hardwood block with one tapered hole and one threaded hole.

Item No. Type Pk. Wt.Ctn. Cu.
B7110W 10" Wood 12 12# 0.80
Trim length is 2”

Bi-Level Scrub
Heavy-Duty crimped polypropylene bristles provide longlasting wear. Great for cleaning under counters, benches and around equipment in foodservice or industrial applications. Structural foam block. Use with threaded handle.

Item No. Type Pk. Wt.Ctn. Cu.
B7501 10" Floor Scrub 12 16# 1.35
Trim length is 2”

Rotating Joint Scrub
Plastic block features a Universal Joint, which rotates 360°. Crimped polypropylene filament is ideal for all-purpose scrubbing in hard to reach areas. Perfect for corners, around equipment and under fixtures. Use standard threaded handle. Locking collar.

Item No. Type Pk. Wt.Ctn. Cu.
B7505 9" Floor Scrub 12 13# 1.80
Trim length is 1”

Window, Vehicle & Wall Brush Heavy-Duty
Grey-flagged polystyrene. Provides scratchless cleaning and excellent wearabilities. Soft filaments set in foam blocks with vinyl bumpers help protect equipment, painted vehicle surfaces and delicate trim. Uses standard threaded handle, tapered or “flow through” for wet use. Can be used as a dip-style for hand washing applications.

Item No. Type Pk. Wt.Ctn. Cu.
B7606 10" Grey 12 18# 1.26
Trim length is 2-3/8”