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Janitorial & Sanitation

ACS is a cost and quality leader to the janitorial and sanitary supply market. Through robust relationships with distributors and partners we are able to service market segments including: 

  • Independent restaurants and clubs
  • Chain restaurants - national, regional, and local chain restaurants
  • Hospitality - hotels, lodging, and resorts
  • Education - schools, colleges, and universities
  • Healthcare - hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical and dental offices
  • Government - municipal, county, state, and federal government facilities
  • Industrial - food processing, manufacturing plants, utilities and warehouses
  • Retail - grocery stores, shopping malls, department stores and convenience stores
  • Transportation - airports, public transit, bus and rail stations
  • Corrections - county, state and federal
  • Recreation - sports stadiums, casinos, theaters, health clubs and bowling alleys.
  • Commercial - office buildings and property management firms